History of Tranzgrezzor

The bands drummer had been playing in several bands troughout the 80's 90's and 00's striving for success without luck!

After his former band Exorcisterna split up, they might reunite for a gig or two on request, due to relocation of bandmembers he decided to do something with his rather large collection of lyrics laying in a drawer. He started to write music on a accoustic guitar though he accually could not play guitar but, what's stopping me, he thought.

In summer of 2008 this drummer had had a couple of goes on stage with the guitar. Honestly, it did not go to well. Did I tell you he was a drummer who could not play the guitar or sing for that matter? Anyway, that summer he ran into a man he had thought of for some years but had misplaced the phonenumber to. They started to talk and to the drummers surprise the man was looking for someone to play music with and said "I've been thinking about you". Funny huh? They exchanged phonenumbers and parted. Some weeks later they meet and The man, Lars as you might have guesed, listened to the songs and he liked!
The Saxophone had found it's rightful home!

To play Rock'n'Roll requires more than a Sax and accoustic guitar so where to find a baseplayer? The drummer have had a neighbour for some years who played base in a striving hardrock band. One evening, soon after Lars had heard the songs, he mentioned his plans of leaving the band. The drummer was swift on his lips and said "then you should try and play with me:-D". He played some songs for the baseplayer, who by now you have guest was Jimmy, and he also liked.
The band was incomplete but on its way.

To be continued...

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